A second concert Music for the Brain was held on September 21, 2015 at Chateau Labottière, Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez , in Bordeaux.

During this highly succesfull concert, Nicolas Dautricourt, one of the most brilliant French violinists of his generation playing on a legendary 1713 Stradivarius violin, and Camille Thomas, an oustanding cellist playing on an iconic 1788 Gagliano cello, both on a generous loan from Mr. Bernard Magrez, were accompanied by Helene Couvert on the piano and Jean-Paul Minali-Bella playing the alto.

This concert was preceded by a short public lecture by Prof. Stéphanie Debette (neurologist and epidemiologist, fonder of Music For The Brain) on research projects carried out on brain ageing at the University of Bordeaux, in collaboration with the University of Kyoto.

The initiative was supported by short speeches by Prof. Manuel Tunon de Lara, previous president of the University of Bordeaux, and Prof. Fumihiko Matsuda, scientific director of the Centre for Genomic medicine at Kyoto University.

Music Program:

Georg Friedrich Haendel/Johan Halvorsen, Passacaille (Nicolas Dautricourt, Camille Thomas)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Suite for Cello solo (excerpt) (Camille Thomas)
Gabriel Fauré, Elegie (Camille Thomas, Hélène Couvert)

Antonín Dvorák, Romance op. 75 (Nicolas Dautricourt, Hélène Couvert)
Bohuslav Martinu, Duo No. 2 (Nicolas Dautricourt – Jean-Paul Minali Bella)
David Popper, Rhapsody Hongroise op. 68 (Camille Thomas, Hélène Couvert)
Jean Sibelius, Pièces op. 81 (excerpts) (Nicolas Dautricourt, Hélène Couvert)
Robert Schumann, Quartor avec piano op. 47 (Nicolas Dautricourt, Jean-Paul Minali Bella, Camille Thomas, Hélène Couvert).